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Islamic Roots

Institute of Islamic Roots

Alhamdulillah, the Institute of Basic Islamic Education has been established since 2009. Under which Tajweed, translation and interpretation, hadith knowledge, jurisprudence, Arabic colloquialism, and various training courses are conducted across Pakistan. These courses are conducted both online and on-side. All the courses are attended by school, college and seminary students, teachers and housewives.
For men, only the department of hygiene and self-improvement, two programs are ongoing.
🌹 Islamic Roots is a welfare institution under which treatment is provided free of charge to the deserving and scholars.
Food, rations are distributed among the needy and the deserving, (In this context, charity can support the institution through obligatory charity and zakat.)
Prophetic medicine, barbering and other skills are taught to secure the future of young students.

🌹 Director: Dr. Muhammad Riaz may Allah bless him and grant him peace.
For the past 30 years, in the process of publicizing health education according to Islamic principles, Quran therapy, Prophetic medicine, hijama, dhikr therapy, reading therapy, Islamic psychotherapy, the positive effects of worship on the human body, The Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ has done research on topics such as Alhamdulillah, thousands of people have benefited spiritually and physically.
📚 Heads of Institution :
🌹 Hazrat Mufti Sheikh Al-Hadith Syed Javed Hussain Shah Sahib Damat Barkatham al-Alia
Founder and Hon’ble Jamia Obeidiya Faisalabad.

🌹 Sheikh Al-Hadith Hazrat Maulana Qazi Mushtaq Ahmad Sahib Damat Barkatham al-Alia.
Hazrat Syed Nafees Al-Husseini, may Allah have mercy on him.
Amir Jamaat Al-Majlis Tahafuz Khatm Nabubat Rawalpindi Islamabad.

📚 Head of Education Committee.
Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Ismail Toro

📚📖📖📖📖📚 Description of the educational departments of the institution and the courses offered.

🏢 In-campus courses 🏢

🌹 On behalf of Islamic Roots, units have been established across the country, bodies and sisters are conducting a one-year Faheem Deen course at the level of their region.
🌹 The Khatam Nabubat course is also conducted in the units.

🌹 It is arranged to visit the Quran in Ramadan

📌 At the end of the courses, the certificates of the successful students are sent by the institution to the supervising teacher of the unit.
Alamat sisters. Those who want to start arranging the courses can contact.

🌐 Online courses this year 2023 🌐

📖 1- Department of Tajweed for students and women.

Tajweed Al-Qur’an Course for Al-Hafizat Al-Faqat Madrasas
Duration one year
Class duration is one hour
4 days a week

2-Basic Tajweed Course (every 3 months). (Registration Fee: 500)


Duration 3 monthsClass duration is 1 hour
4 days a week

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🌹 2-Advanced Tajweed Course (every 3 months). (No Fee)
Duration 3 months
Class duration is 1 hour
4 days a week

🌹 3.Noorani Rule Training Workshop (No Fee)
For teachers and scholars
Duration is one day
🌹 4 Basic Tajweed Course (English)

For all women and students who want to learn Tajweed in English or speak English.
Class duration 3 months
Duration class one hour

🌹 5. History of Al-Tajweed and Qir’at
(No Fee)

📖 Department of Memorization for Memoirs (No Fee)
🌹Memorization of the Holy Quran online.

📖 Department of Quran Translation and Tafseer

🌹 Complete Quran Translation Tafseer (No Fee)

🌹Thematic Qur’an Lessons (No Fee)

(No fee)
🌹Positive-Negitive Behavior in the Eyes of the Qur’an (No Fee)
🌹Quran Quiz (No Fee)
📖 Religious Studies Federation of Madrasas
2 years old
4 days a week
The fee

📖 Department of Arabic Language

🌹 Al-Hawarat
Duration 3 months
The fee
4 days of class

Duration 3 months
The fee
4 days of class

Duration 3 months
4 days of class
📖 Department of Termination of Prophethood
(No Fee)
Protection of Prophethood Course
For women and for children.
Duration 2 months

🌹 End of Prophecy Quiz Program
📖 Department of Medicine
Prophetic medicine course
🌹Hijama training
🌹 Mind fluency.
The fee
📖 Remedial and Training Program
(No Fee)
🌹 Self improvement
🌹 Education of children and girls
Golden people
🌹Story time for kids
🌹 Alaikum Basanti
Build your self.
Monthly training sessions for teachers
📖 Department of Memorization of the Qur’an and Tajweed
For Men (On Campus Rawalpindi)
🌹 Nazra Memorization and Tajweed
Adult education.
🌹 Quran Public School for Hafaz Children
🌹 Taekwondo Academy (Karate Club) for the Guardians
🌹Brain fitness for protection.
🌹 Hafaz mastered the similes
Procedure for participation in courses, programs and training groups
First step
In order to participate in any course or program, it is necessary to tell the name, area, education and the course you want to study in your voice on the numbers given by the institution.
Entry will not be possible without voice message to determine gender. Men are not included in the women’s group.

Phone number for sending voice message only for women.
Second step
After receiving the voice message, the admission form will be sent. It has to be filled and sent. The fee of the course for which the fee is fixed will be submitted along with the form
Third step
The receipt of the course fee submitted should be sent to the number given along with the name of the student and the name of the course.
After submitting the fee, send the name of the student, the name of the course and the receipt to this number
Establishment of Al-Saqiyah Foundation
Al-Saqaya Foundation has been implemented purely with the spirit of serving the people. Which will be separate from all kinds of politics and will work only for the service of the people.
1🌹 Religious Education
Our focus will remain on religious education
Those children who want to receive religious education but cannot afford their educational expenses, Al-Saqaya Foundation will provide financial support to such children.

Establishment of higher education centers in remote areas

Technical education will be made free. Work will be done on adult education.

🌹 For Women
Educational campuses will be set up in which sewing, embroidery, cooking courses, basic computer courses and other technical classes will be conducted from time to time.
2. Good health
Good health is the best gift of nature. There are many people in our society who cannot treat themselves due to poor economic conditions. In such a case, deserving people will be treated free of charge under Al-Saqaya Foundation
Some basic medical tests will be done along with medication as needed.

3. Poor boys and girls will be helped in terms of employment.
4. Poor, destitute and orphan girls will be helped in their marriage expenses.

5. In case of emergencies, natural calamities and accidents, the affected family will be helped.


Contact this number to become a permanent member of Al-Saqaya Foundation

A bank account or easy money account can be used to deposit fees for courses or donations to the institution.

Contact for Men

Bank account for fee deposit // Easy Paisa account
Easy Money Account

Bank Account
Account title:
Quran therapy center
Account no: 0100639892
Branch code 0809


Head Office
Dr. Muhammad Riaz Quran Therapy Center, Hydari Chowk, Satellite Town, Saidpur Road. Rawalpindi